At Windsor Chapel, we know that the loss of a loved one can be an overwhelming time for a family. The Executor is also faced with the added burden of finalizing the deceased estate. Many people don’t know where to begin. Through our Aftercare Program, our highly qualified specialists will guide and assist you with the necessary paperwork following a death. This may include preparing applications for death and survivor benefits, providing notifications, transfer of benefits and facilitating many necessary cancellations. We also provide in-depth checklists and guidelines to help you to cancel many items including monthly expenses and credit cards, to mail and magazine subscriptions and more. 

We can complete and submit all forms required for:

  • Income Securities Program
  • Canada Pension
  • Old Age Security

Upon request, we will facilitate the following:

  • Canada Pension Lump Sum Death Benefit
  • Survivor's Monthly Benefit
  • Children's Benefit; Life Insurance Claimant Forms
  • Employer Health, Life and Pension
  • Death Certificate to any Bank, Trust Company or Credit Union
  • Revenue Canada
  • Notification of Past Employers
  • Insurance Company Claimant Forms
  • Returning of Health Card, Social Insurance Card, Senior Card