See Cremation Differently™

What is Cremation?
First, what cremation is not. Cremation is not a type of ceremony nor a replacement for burial. Many families choose to have a ceremony or funeral service that is followed by cremation. Others choose to have the cremation take place prior to any type of gathering or memorial service.

Cremation is one way in which the body is handled after death in preparation for permanent memorialization. It is important to understand that when cremation is selected, you and your family will have to consider whether to bury, entomb, or scatter the cremated remains, and where you’d like to do so. While cremation is certainly a final process, careful consideration must be paid to how the remains are taken care of after cremation. There are many options to finalize the ceremony for your loved one. Our knowledgeable team will answer all your questions regarding cremation options.

The Windsor Chapel Difference

At Windsor Chapel, we offer you peace of mind. From the moment you call upon our team in your time of need, to the final resting place of your loved one, our team works hard to ensure that you and your family are our top priority. We diligently attend to every detail surrounding a death and cremation in the timeliest manner. Our promise to you, is that we will take care of you and your family, as you choose.

We are proud to say Windsor Chapel owns its own crematorium. We always care for your loved one with the utmost dignity and respect. When you choose cremation with Windsor Chapel, you can be assured that your loved one never leaves the care of our compassionate and professional team. The Windsor Crematorium, located at Windsor Memorial Gardens Cemetery, is owned and operated by the same expert team you trust at Windsor Chapel. We believe in saying good bye. After working with families for generations, we have seen the power of the ritual of ceremony. We believe strongly that ceremony and memorialization are vital to one's grief journey. We offer numerous ceremony options, so that each family does what is meaningful and beneficial for them. Windsor Chapel exclusively offers the families we serve a unique setting to say good bye.

​Our Comfort Suites provide your family a comfortable and informal space to gather with your loved one before cremation takes place. Ceremony exists in even the smallest ways. We believe there is ceremony in simply saying goodbye. Please, allow our team to help you see cremation differently.